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A Love Worth Biting For  - Roxy Mews

Things I liked about the book - the unique way this author built her werewolves and vamps (at least I've never come across anything quite like it), and the author's voice felt "honest" when she was describing the feelings the h had for the H (not sure how else to describe it, but in her dedication she described how upon first meeting her husband she knew that was it for her - or something like that - and I think that translated into the book).


Things I didn't like - I really have difficulties with books in which there is obviously a big secret being kept from the h that everyone refuses to tell her (in this case I can count three big revelations - the one towards the end I'm not really sure was necessary) and those difficulties are compounded when the h doesn't demand answers (with her fists, if necessary). And I'd really rather have traded some more time getting to know the Pack for fewer steamy scenes.


In the end, the book took me a while to read and at only 157 pages, seemed to drag a bit. It was ok, and I'm not chomping at the bit for the next installment.